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Have questions about selling your home fast in Austin?

Are you the buyer? Is it really cash?

Yes! Be aware that the vast majority of cash home buyers in the Austin marketplace are actually “wholesalers”. These companies are in the business of flipping the contract to purchase your house over to investors. That means they may or may not be successful in their effort and you’ll have to start the selling process over again. When you sell to, we are the final, actual cash buyers of your home. There is no intermediary or lender. Nothing can get in the way of the transaction.

How do you determine the price?

Unlike some home buyers, which use a “Black Box” strategy of coming up with lowball offers, we have a very specific process to determine our offer prices.

First, we’ll calculate what we think we can sell your property for after we’ve updated the property with repairs and cosmetic improvements. Next, we’ll subtract the actual renovation costs and the typical holding costs that we can expect to have during the renovation (insurance, utilities, materials, labor, etc). Then, we add what we believe to be a fair and reasonable profit margin as compensation for taking on the renovation.

When these numbers are tabulated, a purchase price is established, and that is what we will offer you. We won’t give you rigid time restrictions to accept our offer, and we won’t pressure you. If our number makes sense, great, and if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. We know full well that homeowners know the value of their real estate and we also know that they will reject unfair offers. That’s why we don’t start low and hope you’ll talk us up.

Most homeowners tell us that our offers are at the top of (or very close to) the highest price they’ve been offered by other cash house buyers. We have learned over the past eleven years that making fair offers and delivering on our promises allows us to maintain our stellar reputation and in turn, purchase more houses at fair prices in the future.

How does the process works?

It starts with a phone call, an email, or filling out the form on this site. We monitor incoming messages seven days a week and will get back to you promptly, ­usually within a few hours. We will first gather basic information about your property address (ie. interior and exterior condition, whether there are tenants or not, etc.) If we feel there’s potential for a mutual deal, we will schedule a walk through of the house with you, your tenants, or your representative. This can usually be done the same day or the next.

After confirming the condition, we’ll provide you with a written cash offer. If the offer is acceptable to you, we’ll execute the sale and close within as little as 2 business days, although 3­-5 business days is often preferred by the title company. We can also close after longer periods, if that is your preference.

What do I need to do?

Unlike listing your home with a realtor, there is practically nothing you need to do when you sell to us. We’re expecting to purchase the property completely ‘as is where is, with all faults’, and that means warts and all.

Often, all we request is that you turn the keys over to us and provide any written leases for tenants currently in possession of the premises. If you can provide us a property survey, that is helpful (but not necessary). Also, the title company may require some details from you regarding a mortgage payoff or probate paperwork.

What will you do with my property?

Usually, we will first resolve any physical problems with the property, such as fix the foundation, replace the roof, address tenant issues, etc. We will then often embark on a cosmetic interior and exterior transformation of the property to bring it in line with the highest ­end properties in the neighborhood. We then often sell the property to another Austin house buyer, but we will sometimes hold the property as an investment for a period of time.

Why should I contact to sell my house?

We know there are many cash home buyers out there, and we know you’ve probably received multiple solicitations. We suggest and expect that people who contact us are also contacting other cash house buyers.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to choose the cash homebuyer who not only offers you the highest price, but who has the credibility and reputation to follow through on their commitment. Since 2004, we’ve purchased over 1,200 homes, and another 100 duplexes and fourplexes.

Most homeowners have sent us heartfelt thanks for our professionalism and honoring our commitments. We hope you’ll give us an opportunity as well.

Why shouldn't I list with a real estate broker/agent?

Most homeowners absolutely should list with a real estate agent or Broker! Exposing your property to the highest number of buyers via the MLS will increase the likelihood of receiving the highest offer. Even with realtor commissions factored in, many owners will still do better selling their house through a realtor.

However, there are many situations in which selling directly to a cash home buyer may be preferable: When time is of the essence, and there is no time to wait for a traditional transaction to close. When the house you want to sell has significant physical defects that are likely to turn off most traditional buyers. When the house is inhabited by uncooperative or messy tenants who would make showing the home difficult or who would be a turn­off to most homebuyers.

Is there any obligation when I submit my information?

Not at all! We will give you a fair offer without any strings attached. You can decline our offer, or decide to move forward and have cash in your hand within a matter of days.