We Buy Houses in Any Condition!

Do you own a house that would need expensive repairs before entering a competitive Real Estate market? You can bypass this costly, time consuming and aggravating process by selling directly us; we will buy your house in any condition! We take the process of renovations off the hands of stressed out homeowners and get them to the settlement table quickly and painlessly.


We can help alleviate financial issues caused from lifes unforeseen events. There’s no risk in contacting Austin House Buyer and in most cases you’ll leave with more options to consider when selling your house.

Relocation & military

Are you moving & need to sell your house fast? Contact us for a hassle-free cash offer.

Inherited a house?

We can make a no-obligation cash for your house.

Damaged houses & properties

Austin House Buyer purchases houses in any condition!

Sell a rental property

We’ll review your situation and provide a customized solution.

Foreclosure & other financial issues

Contact us for a confidential review & fast cash offer for your house.


We simplify the process of selling a house due to divorce. Fast cash offers made.


Robert Grunnah

A Native Texan, and a 25 year resident of Austin, Robert is a family man that enjoys his community and helping others. He got into real estate in 2004 after many years in the technology industry.

With dual degrees from the University of Texas, Robert “bleeds orange”, and treats all property owners fairly. Robert believes that real estate doesn’t have to be a “zero sum game”, and strives with his cash offers to make the best possible deal for both parties.

How It Works

Are you unsure about the process of selling to a cash buyer? You aren’t alone. Watch this quick, informative video to learn more about this simple process. Why renovate and list if you don’t have to?



If you’re looking to sell your house and you don’t have time or cash in your pocket for costly home inspections and repairs, let us take the headache away. Call today for a consultation and we will gladly answer questions you have about the cash sale of your house. We understand that this sounds too good to be true – it’s not. Call us to learn more and we can start working towards you r settlement today.


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Read what other homeowners have said about selling to a cash buyer. This could be the option for a quick and easy sale of your home!

“I live in California, and I didn’t have time or patience to bring my rental house up to current standards. Robert gave me a fair offer that wasn’t much less than the Realtors were quoting, and all I had to do was sign the closing documents a week later. These guys are the real deal.” – Stephen J.

“Without question, the easiest property sale of my life. My tenant moved out on Monday, I called Robert on Tuesday, the house was sold on Friday.” – Ali R.